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Ever wondered why marketing is still the number 1 skill even in the current era of digital marketing?

“What helps people, helps business.” — Leo Burnett

Here, we will talk in-depth about marketing & its fundamentals, why this is the number 1 skill no matter what to sustain and grow in cutthroat competition.

We will also talk about Digital vs. Traditional marketing. CATT Marketing Funnel Integrated digital marketing & Personal branding & a few new dimensions of marketing to understand the genesis of it.

By end of this article, you will have a clear understanding of various aspects of marketing & digital marketing. This article is for Freelancers, working professionals, Entrepreneurs and anyone who wish to learn this powerful skill.

Normally people think about marketing once the product is ready and they are all set to launch it in the market.

However, I have a different perspective of it that marketing starts even before the product is made. I know you must be wondering how come it is possible.

Let me ask you, suppose you made a world-class product but it doesn’t solve any problem of your customer or it doesn’t appeal to them.

So guess! What is going to happen?

Here before making the so-called world-class product isn’t a good idea to have a very good insight about your customers’ requirements.

What challenges they are facing in the first place? How is this product going to ease their lives solving the problem or challenges they may have.

Is it going to add any value to their current lives?

We should seriously ask these questions in case if it is addressing any of the above. Honestly, no amount of time & effort you are going to put to make this product; is going to be worthless.

“Don’t find customers for your product. Find products for your customers.” — Seth Godin

Here marketing comes in the picture to know your customer best.

Now look at it this way, you did a market survey or in-depth customer analysis first and found that X number of people are facing a serious challenge in a particular area of their daily life.

You are going to make a product or service which is exactly going to turn their life from zero to hero.

It is all about creating value for your customers. Create a strong connection/association in your customer’s mind.

I believe, by now you agree with me that marketing is a way bigger concept which comes before the birth of the product or services. It consists of sales, advertising & copywriter etc.

Now you know why I emphasise that marketing is the core of any business no matter what it is.

Other than marketing, it is very important that the product & services should be one of it’s kind.

Take a pause for a moment; here I would like to tell you another truth that Marketing is an exaggerated term in the marketplace as well.

If your product is good enough to generate trust, do you think you need to push it very hard to sell?

I know your answer will be not too hard; it will sell its own.

Just imagine if the situation is the exact opposite, a bad product with a good selling strategy. And you all know what is going to happen eventually!

In the world of mouth, communication is paramount.

The ultimate tip to become number 1 in the business is to be unique & be the only one in your niche. It is about understanding human physiology and making a unique product or service.

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.” — Peter Drucker

Marketing is one such skill that is not going to change in the years to come.

That’s what makes it a must-have skill!

Importance of communication skills in Marketing :

One of the important aspects of marketing is having good communication skills.

Do you think that good communication means using fancy words?

The answer is certainly not. The good news is it is all about how effectively you put forward your ideas irrespective of those fancy words & grammar.

It is all about putting forward your ideas or thoughts in such a way so that you connect with your audience well.

That is the reason having good communication skills is vital to be successful in the field of marketing.

Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing :

Digital marketing is marketing through digital mediums such as websites, social media, email campaigns, content marketing, affiliate marketing etc.

Tradition marketing is using traditional mediums such as Tv, magazines, newspapers, radio, billboards etc.

Though traditional marketing is still one of the prominent mediums in a few areas because of its longevity, easily available such in newspapers, magazines or on billboards etc.

It works best for businesses looking to build a larger local audience.

However, with digital marketing you can go deep to connect with your customer, you can personalize communication, can measure results & there direct contact between the business and its audience.

Here is the most effective funnel.

ATT Marketing Funnel :

Wealth = n ^ CATT

wherein, n = niche: Niche is a well-defined segment that involves a specific target audience with a specialized offering for example in Health and Wellness, Weight Loss is a niche. It is very important to choose your niche carefully.

C = Content: Remember you will communicate your message through the content, be it Blogs, Posts, Videos, lead magnets, live webinars, etc. that’s why creating good content is extremely important for your audience. It is a very strong tool of marketing.

“The only way to win at content marketing is for the reader to say ‘This was written specifically for me.’” — Jamie Turner

A = Attention: There are various ways to drive attention via the content by Running paid AD’s, SEO, Social Media, etc

T = Trust: Building trust is vital to the success of the business. One of the powerful ways of building trust is Deep marketing, which understands your customer at a deeper level by sending them a very personalized message. We can send Emails, we can use Retargeting as well.

T = Transaction: If all above are in line, you have a particular niche, powerful content, the right strategy to drive attention & trust already build, the transaction or the sales will happen naturally.

All I want to say is in this case you need not push the customer hard, by cold calling or other similar methods. That is why I call it natural sales.

Though, you need to convert the leads into customers via sales webinar, video sales letter, sales page.

This completes the entire funnel.

If you learn this formula & applied it effectively you can create an abundance of wealth.

Integrated Marketing :

This is basically an extended part of the CATT funnel, as it talks about how effectively we can implement the CATT funnel.

So there are a lot of modules in digital marketing to name a few common digital marketing methods are :

  1. Search Engine Marketing (PPC)
  2. Search Engine Optimization (Organic Traffic)
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Digital Display Marketing
  6. Content Marketing

Let’s have an example, so there is a collaboration of a team & they work for a common goal.

This way they are complementing each other.

This is how integrated marketing works!

Personal Branding

A personal brand is all about promoting you, as industry expertise, skills, experience, the kind of person you are and what you stand for.

The fact is that people are more inclined to the personal brand in comparison to the public one.

People want to hear from people. As it connects them at a deeper level.

Imagine you want to go for a trip with your family, & you need to ask suggestions, who would you go to first. A person to whom you know personally as an expert of the field or directly go to the company & book the trip.

That is why a lot of companies CEO has more customer following in comparison to the company itself.

Take an example of Elon musk has a bigger following than SpaceX and Tesla

The only downside is having it, it cannot be sold.

But a personal brand is so powerful that it can give rise to many more brands from his / her influence. They become the brand ambassador & influencers of it.

MassTrust Blueprint :

Here we go :

Learn: It’s the first step, we learn a new skill through concepts, facts and procedures. Understand it well and practice it well.

Work: Until unless we will not implement the skill in the real world, most likely we tend to forget it. In fact, working on it gives more clarity.

Blog: If you will ask me what is the one killer skill set? I would say it is writing. As in today’s world, the content does the marketing part in the first place.

So invest your daily fix time in writing, it will certainly pay off.

Consult: Now you have learned, worked & started writing about it, hence build trust.

So people will start coming to you. Then you can start consulting people. This is another powerful way to learn.

Mentor: It will take you to a whole new level. You put a lot of effort to nurture a group of people. You build authority with mentoring. For example, you write about fitness loss, consult people about fitness, you can become a fitness trainer as well.

Startup: Here you implement all of the above by starting a Startup. You found a specific market, understand it well, make a unique product and drive things with passion.

Conclusion :

If you want to become successful in the business you should have passion, talent & there should be a market to serve.

So you should find a niche wherein you have knowledge & passion and a problem to solve. Know your customer well & learn new skills.

Generate trust and build your authority via integrated marketing, writing a blog, consulting, mentoring & startups.

Once you understand it well & master it, the success is yours!

Let me know your opinion on it, leave a comment below.

My heartfelt thanks to all my readers, for giving their time & reading to this point.